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General guidelines
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The ESERA 2021 Online Conference will be organised by the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) from 30 August to 3 September 2021.

The WebApp will be the new conference venue and adjustments to the scientific programme will be made in order to adapt to the new online format as well as to create an interactive participant experience.

The conference programme will, as usual, include invited plenary sessions, single paper presentation sessions, symposia as well as workshops. Posters will also be made available in an interactive online format.
These presentation formats are similar to previous face-to-face ESERA Conferences, but the preparation and the interactive presentations will be different.

Presenters of single papers, symposia and workshops are requested to record their presentation and send them to the conference secretariat before the deadline, which will be informed well in advance. Recorded presentations will be uploaded to the Conference Programme before the conference dates allowing registered participants to consult the presentations online in advance.

Conference sessions are organised in Strands in the online Conference Programme. Single paper sessions, symposia and workshops will also include chairpersons/discussants moderating real-time interactive Q&A between the presenters and assisting participants.

As a large number of participants is expected to attend the sessions, they are encouraged to write their questions online. Questions can be directed publicly (visible for all participants, the session chairperson and the author) or privately in a message to the author/presenter. The session chairperson will place a selection of the public questions (submitted in writing before and during the session), in a live interaction with the presenters who will be present online to respond in real-time. The live Q&A session will take place at the end of each session.

The conference will provide technical support for assisting participants during the whole preparation process. Presenters and chairpersons (as well as discussants when applicable) will also have the opportunity to run tests with the technical team before the event. More specific technical guidelines will be provided to all authors and presenters well in advance.

Your submission should adhere to the following general guidelines:
Please see the full Call for Proposals in PDF format for download below

All proposals must be submitted online using the ESERA 2021 conference submission platform.

The Organising Committee invites both empirical and theoretical proposals for Single paper presentations, Symposia, Posters and Workshops.

Proposals must be submitted to one of the 18 strands available (full information about the Strands in PDF below).

The official conference language is English, and all proposals must be submitted in English.

For each submission, you need to prepare and submit at the same time:

  • a short abstract up to 300 words to insert in the platform;
  • an extended summary in a PDF Format uploaded to the platform, up to a maximum of 3 pages including a title, abstract, 3 keywords, references, tables and figures, using the ESERA 2021 submission template (please see below)

IMPORTANT: In your extended summary, do not insert your name and refrain from revealing your identity in any other way.

Each registered participant can be co-author as many times as they like.

Each registered participant can be active in a maximum of 5 occasions in during the conference programme. However, the following criteria must be attended.

Each participant can, during the conference programme, act as:

  1. the presenting author of one Single paper
  2. the presenting author of one Symposium paper
  3. coordinator of no more than one Symposium
  4. discussant of one other Symposium
  5. presenting author of no more than one Poster presentation

In total, the maximum number of roles cannot exceed five (5). 

Presenters can only partake in each category once, as shown above.

Please note that the coordinator of a Symposium can also be the presenting author for one presentation in the same Symposium. He/she cannot be the discussant of the same Symposium.

Review Criteria

Blind review is used for the evaluation process.
Each proposal will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  1. Context and relevance to science education (importance of the study for research and/or practice)
  2. Theoretical framework, conceptual rationale, or pragmatic grounding
  3. Aim(s) and/or Research question(s) (do they make sense? can they be answered?)
  4. Research method and design (Empirical proposals) / Use of relevant research literature (Theoretical proposals)
  5. Findings and coherence of argument (is the aim met? are the RQs answered?)
  6. Discussion of findings and implications
  7. Clarity of expression in English



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