What contribution can PISA 2025 make to improving science education?

Chair: Jonathan Osborne, Graduate School of Education - Stanford University

Discussant: Michael Reiss


Presentation 1: A new vision for PISA 2025

Presenter: Louise ArcherUniversity College London


Presentation 2: PISA 2025 challenges and changes

Presenter: Alcina Maria Testa Braz Da Silva, Federal Center for Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro / CEFET-RJ


Presentation 3: A success story? The PISA impacts on media discourse and public policies in Portugal (2000-2018)

Presenter: António Teodoro, Lusofona University

Co-author: Teresa Lopo, Lusofona University

      Vítor D. Teodoro, Lusofona University

      Ana Carita, Lusofona University

      Elsa Estrela, Lusofona University


Presentation 4: Using PISA data to identify areas of improvement for science education with-in and across countries

Presenter: Knut Neuman, IPN, Kiel

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