Talking to teachers about language, visualization and transduction across modes, to support science learning

Chair: Len Unsworth, Australian Catholic University

Discussant: Elizabeth Moje, University of Michigan


Presentation 1: Talking, writing, doing & visualizing science in the classroom through a shared metalanguage

Presenter: Gail ForeyUniversity of Barth


Presentation 2: Working with teachers to build classroom dialogue about language during the deconstruction of texts

Presenter: Lisl Fenwick, University of South Australia


Presentation 3: Toward principles of explicit teaching of multimodal literacy for science learning in upper elementary

Presenter: Alejandra Meneses/span>, Pontificia Catholic University of Chile

Co-author: Max Montenegro, Pontificia Catholic University of Chile


Presentation 4: Talking about transduction processes

Presenter: Russel TytlerDeakin University

Co-author: Lam Pham, Deakin University

       Len Unsworth, Australian Catholic University

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